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Re: IP-Internets

  • From: Alan Hannan
  • Date: Fri Oct 15 12:13:32 1999

> That is confusing. Do the network operators actually
> use the mpls on Label swithcing routers (LSR) now, or
> the answers I am getting are for the future?
> Are there any LSRs with MPLS in use anywhere?

  Yes, a few production IP networks use MPLS on Label Switching
  Routers now.

  Probably 90% of our backbone traffic traverses an MPLS LSP.

  As a matter of operational concern, we do not display Layer 3
  IP hops within the MPLS LSP.  Therefore troubleshooting from
  an external perspective may be more difficult -- feel free to
  involve our NOC.

  LSRs with MPLS are in use in at least 3 networks today.

  1 has an almost complete deployment, 1 has a regional deployment,
  and 1 uses them as 'one-offs' for traffic engineering.

  (as another potentially confusing detail, 'standard IP routers' are
  'retrofitted' with MPLS, such that the same box becomes a hybrid
  IP and MPLS router/switch)