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Re: IP-Internets

  • From: Bulent Yener
  • Date: Fri Oct 15 10:43:47 1999

That is confusing. Do the network operators actually
use the mpls on Label swithcing routers (LSR) now, or
the answers I am getting are for the future?

Are there any LSRs with MPLS in use anywhere?

I am trying to learn about the infrastructure currently
deployed not the one to come  in the future?

On Thu, 14 Oct 1999, Alan Hannan wrote:

>   3 bits of clarification:
> >   Some stick MPLS in the middle ala IP/MPLS/HDLC or IP/MPLS/SONET.
>   This was dumb.  I meant, ala IP/MPLS/HDLC or IP/MPLS/PPP.
>   A couple of folks mailed me to state that MPLS as a transport
>   technology was in the future, isn't it?  In fact, 2 networks
>   including our own have deployed large [mostly ubiquitous] 
>   MPLS deployments, where most traffic runs on it, one all over,
>   another in certain regions/areas.
>   Finally, I was 'reminded' that MPLS convergence will actually
>   surpass SONET w/ restoral times, on the order of << 50 ms.  Really
>   real soon now.
>   -alan