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Re: how to waste fiber (was:OT:MarketSpeak)

  • From: William Allen Simpson
  • Date: Wed Oct 13 12:18:40 1999

Sam Thomas wrote:
> semi-operational: in the event that path inside a SONET ring switches
> from active to protect and back, etc...does this generally show up on a
> a router as a series of errors, an interface bounce, or not at all?

Often both.  The switch is spec'd at 50 milliseconds.  Hardly a twitch
in human voice perception, but a heck of a lot of bad PPP checksums
in machine perception.

Worse, in my miserable experience, the APS would flip back and forth.
It's not supposed to, but it has.  I firmly recommend: do not pay for 
APS.  Put the money toward diverse paths.  As usual, Paul Vixie has got 
it right!

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