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Re: how to waste fiber (was:OT:MarketSpeak)

  • From: Jeremy Porter
  • Date: Wed Oct 13 12:17:11 1999

50ms is fast?  You'd drop sevral packets I'd guess.

In message <[email protected]>, Michael Heller writes:
>I'm guessing that the routers won't notice a cutover, it's too fast.  Could
>someone with more operational experience with SONET confirm this?
>At 02:27 PM 10/13/99 +0000, Sam Thomas wrote:
>>On Wed, Oct 13, 1999 at 09:30:38AM -0400, Mike Heller wrote:
>>> Sign up for our new "Eggs-in-a-Basket" service for 2 years and get your 
>>> outage resolution for FREE!  
>>ITYM "eggs-in-a-casket"
>>semi-operational: in the event that path inside a SONET ring switches
>>from active to protect and back, etc...does this generally show up on a
>>a router as a series of errors, an interface bounce, or not at all?
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