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MCI WorldCom fiber cut - Houston, TX

  • From: Joe Shaw
  • Date: Wed Oct 06 17:23:14 1999

Speaking of fiber cuts, there's an MCI/Worldcom fiber run in downtown
Houston, TX that's out.  The location is at Walker and Louisiana as best I
can tell, which just so happens to be in front of the building my office
is in.  There's a long line of MCI Worldcom trucks and a crew out there
now.  Several multi-homed customers of UUNet in Houston have their UUNet
links down.  I'll send more info as I have it.

Both Qwest and BBN/GTEi have POP's in this building, but they appear to be
unaffected.  UUNet's main Houston POP is a few hundred feet down

With all the construction in this area of downtown, I'm frankly shocked
that this hasn't happend until now.

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