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Re: MCI WorldCom fiber cut - Houston, TX

  • From: Scott Drassinower
  • Date: Wed Oct 06 19:16:04 1999

It would also be a lot of fun to see all the gory details about how
exactly things got cut, and what they had to do to fix it.  Maybe it was
easy, maybe they ran out of slack in the cable and needed to wait hours
for more cable to arrive, maybe the one guy who knows how to fix things is
on vacation, etc.

I spoke to someone at MCI WorldCom Fiber Security who claims they have an
organized repository for stuff like this on their intranet.  If you're a
customer, they said the only way to find out about current outages is to
call the MFS/Brooks/whatever trouble number you have, or try to get your
sales rep to get post-mortem info if your outage was long enough to
trigger SLA credits.

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On Wed, 6 Oct 1999, Joe Shaw wrote:

> Speaking of fiber cuts, there's an MCI/Worldcom fiber run in downtown
> Houston, TX that's out.  The location is at Walker and Louisiana as best I
> can tell, which just so happens to be in front of the building my office
> is in.  There's a long line of MCI Worldcom trucks and a crew out there
> now.  Several multi-homed customers of UUNet in Houston have their UUNet
> links down.  I'll send more info as I have it.
> Both Qwest and BBN/GTEi have POP's in this building, but they appear to be
> unaffected.  UUNet's main Houston POP is a few hundred feet down
> Louisiana.
> With all the construction in this area of downtown, I'm frankly shocked
> that this hasn't happend until now.
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