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Re: geographical database of networks

  • From: Jack Crowder
  • Date: Thu Sep 23 14:39:37 1999

Two words:  IP Mobility.  I always thought it was more marketing than 
content but that doesn't stop some applications from being developed to 
use it.

My guess would be that you'd have more trouble getting people to agree on 
how the 'carve' would happen than the implementation.  Then of course 
there are the hackers who would love to mess with it.

To answer your question, all I ever heard about this was (the rumor of) a 
draft RFC.  I couldn't find it though so wasn't able to confirm.  (That 
was about 5 months ago).

On Thu, 23 Sep 1999, Matt Hempel wrote:

> Hello
> Has anyone ever attempted to create a geographical database of networks?
> In other words, zone the world into pertinent, well-known blocks and do a
> network->zone key->value pair.
> --matt hempel