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** NANOG17 Call For Presentations **

  • From: Craig Labovitz
  • Date: Fri Aug 06 20:57:35 1999

NANOG will hold its 17th meeting in Montreal, Canada on October 3 - 5, 1999 at the Hotel Wyndam Montreal. The meeting will be hosted by Nortel Networks and Mlink Internet.

More information about the meeting, including current agenda topics and registration information, is available at:

Call For Presentations

NANOG invites presentations on backbone engineering, coordination, and research topics. Presentations should highlight issues relating to technology already deployed or soon to be deployed in core Internet backbones and exchange points.

Previous meetings have included presentations on:

Backbone traffic engineering
Coordination of inter-provider QoS
Deployment experience with queueing disciplines (CAR, RED)
Inter-provider security and routing protocol authentication
Routing scalability in backbone infrastructures
Security issues for the Internet core
Routing policy specification and backbone router configuration
Cooperative inter-provider caching
Alternatives to hot-potato routing
Recommendations on queue management and congestion avoidance
Experience with differentiated services
Reports from next-generation networks (Internet2, CA*net, etc)
Inter-domain multicast deployment
Backbone network failure analysis
I nter-exchange point updates

Tutorials have covered topics such as:
BGP case studies
Address allocation and renumbering
External route selection
IP multicast technologies

How to Present
Submit an informal one- or two-paragraph abstract describing the presentation in email to [email protected] The proposal should be submitted well in advance of the conference. Notification of acceptance is rolling and is usually provided within several days of the receipt of the abstract.

NANOG also welcomes suggestions/recommendations for tutorials, panels and other presentation topics.

Craig Labovitz (734) 764-0252 voice
Merit Network, Inc. [email protected]
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Ann Arbor, MI 48105