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Re: Network Solutions is now in the wringer

  • From: Dean Robb
  • Date: Fri Mar 26 22:25:09 1999

At 23:35 3/25/99 -0800, Randy Bush wrote:
>> If their house of cards collapses too quickly it could have some
>> serious operational impacts.
>yup.  so could a metor strike.  in other words, gordon cook does not
>need competition, please.  or, in other words, don't we have real
>operational things to worry about?

While not a network operator, I think it would be most prudent to consider
and discuss (among those who ARE netops) what do to if, say, the root
server were suddenly comletely unaccessible for several days/permanently
for *whatever* reason.  

Does anyone know if NSI even has an off-site mirror running?  Or are all
the eggs in one basket?

What's going to happen to the ISPs if suddenly everyone of their client's
domains are toast?

Better to have a plan and not need it than need it and not have it.  It's
called 'contingency planning'.  And a very good idea no matter the endeavor.

"Small minds can only contemplate small ideas".....Unknown

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