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Re: more Internic nightmare

  • From: John Fraizer
  • Date: Tue Mar 23 17:47:55 1999

Actually, I don't like this "solution" to the problem.

First of all, not only does the InterNIC have to keep track of all the
contact handles but, so do we, the domain owners.  Now that we have no way
of listing more than 10 records in whois (Thanks NetSOL... No, really.
Thanks. .!..) if you happen to lose the contact information for a domain,
you're screwed.  You won't know who which contact to send any modifications

Well, so much for that argument.  They have changed their policy again.
The whois now lists more than 10 records again. (Thanks NetSOL... No,
really.  Thanks. .!..) 

They have taken the following away from us though:

[email protected] primary]# whois "server NS17904-HST"
No match for server "NS17904-HST".

It worked a week ago, now, it doesn't.

The simple fact is that NetSOL is out of control.  They seem to have the
notion that they OWN the database.  They are stewards of the database, not
the owners.  Until the community as a whole expresses their outrage of NSIs
heavy-handed actions towards the community, they are going to continue down
this path.

BTW:  Where did go?  How about  I'll tell

[[email protected] primary]# host is a nickname for is a nickname for has address

[[email protected] primary]# traceroute
traceroute: Warning: Multiple interfaces found; using @ eth0
traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 40 byte
 1  Border-Core0-Fast-eth1.Columbus.EnterZone.Net (  4.276 ms
66.212 ms  1.805 ms
 2 (  29.598 ms
12.102 ms  0.998 ms
 3 (  0.995 ms !H *
1.188 ms !H

It's time to drop a clue-bomb on VA.

At 02:10 PM 3/23/99 -0800, you wrote:
>Simple. Set up one of your domains to map admin.* to
>[email protected], billing.* to billing-contact,
>etc. and just send the e-mail to register FROM the fictitious
>admin contact of, say, [email protected]
>If InterNIC wants to be anal-retentive, let their Contacts database get
>full, too.
>And sure you can say "that's abuse, and you shouldn't condone it", but if
>you think that the speculators aren't going to turn to this very same
>procedure, you need to lay off the crack pipe.

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