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Re: Secondary DNS for Paraguay's TLD?

  • From: Simon Leinen
  • Date: Sun Mar 07 16:30:29 1999 [] and [] act as
authoritative (secondary) name servers for PY and its direct generic
subdomains {com,edu,gov,org,net,org}.py.  I'm not sure whether these
have been requested to be added to the delegation yet.  Anyway, these
things seem to take a long time at InterNIC right now - we have
delegation changes pending ourselves for the CH and LI ccTLDs for
about three weeks.

>>>>> "md" == Michael Dillon <[email protected]> writes:
> It appears that a network problem of some sort has knocked Paraguay's top
> level domain off the air. Not surprising when you look at the output for:

> whois py-dom

> and see this:

>    NS.CNC.UNA.PY      
>    SCE.CNC.UNA.PY     

> If anyone on this list is prepared to make a serious offer of secondary
> DNS for this country, then please email the admin contact
> [email protected] and the technical contact [email protected]
> Of course, neither address will work until they get back on the air...

Simon Leinen				       [email protected]

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