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Guidelines for Information Technology Infrastructures

  • From: Rishi Singh
  • Date: Sun Mar 07 22:19:54 1999

There was some talk a few days/weeks ago about a mailing list related to
data centers. While this URL is not geared towards datacenters and more
focused on the general planning for technological infrastructre(s) in an
educational (school) environment, nonetheless, I believe it serves as an
excellent *primer* for those seeking general information on construction
and planning of facilities. There seems to be quite a need for that
information on this list judging from the responses concerning the
datacenter forum.

The guidelines were provided by the subcontracted architectural and
engineering firm of Einhorn, Yanee & Prescott for the Board of Education NY
State. The nice thing about the document is all the standards used to
generate each particular section are located on each page. This alone will
give people a good background on which agencies to obtain certain types of
information from.

It is available in both HTML and PDF.

The guidelines cover:
o Environmental/Life Safety
o Planning for Electrical Power
o Lighting           
o Space Planning and Pathways
o Wireless Systems                     
o Distance Learning Capabilities
o Appendix A  -  Asbestos Regulations
o Structured Cable Plants
o Libraries 
o Security 
o Appendix B   -   Resource Addresses 

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