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Re: Internic doesn't care about valid contact information

  • From: Steven J. Sobol
  • Date: Fri Mar 05 19:27:02 1999

> So told by an aledged "manager", who said the next in the chain
> of command would be a VP, and Bobby-Ray was in a meeting and 
> couldn't be disturbed.

At that point I'd just say "See you in small claims court."

If they live anywhere outside the Washington DC area, it will cost
NetSol a buttload of money to pack someone up and send them on a plane
to court. It would cost much, MUCH less than that for the person to
actually sue. Costs $30 in the city where I live and I get the money back
if I win.

If NetSol doesn't show up, bingo, you have a default judgement and can
send the judgement to a collections agency.

If that's what has to be done, that's what has to be done. It requires little
investment on the part of the plaintiff in either time or money.

Steve Sobol [email protected] (AKA [email protected] and [email protected])

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