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Re: Internic doesn't care about valid contact information

  • From: Curt Howland
  • Date: Fri Mar 05 11:29:15 1999

I know what you mean, Greg.

A friend of mine tried to regester a domain. He filled out the
forms, mailed them in, kept the reply. What he didn't notice
that even though the domain name was correct in the body of the
message, the SUBJECT line of the reply from Network Solutions
had the domain name misspelled. They'd dropped a letter.

The registration seemed to go through just fine, but after
the burp two days ago the domain now shows up with the misspelling!

Not only won't Network Solutions fix the problem, they will gladly
accept his registering the *correct* domain, but will not refund
the payment he made back when the first domain was correctly
spelled. Of course, he's got to pay AGAIN if he wants to register
the correctly spelled domain, again.

So told by an aledged "manager", who said the next in the chain
of command would be a VP, and Bobby-Ray was in a meeting and 
couldn't be disturbed.