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Re: Why don't people learn...?

  • From: Jay R. Ashworth
  • Date: Sun Feb 28 11:16:25 1999

On Sat, Feb 27, 1999 at 02:32:29PM -0800, Mikey Wilsker wrote:
> >"Warever Corp. this week released Legion, an Internet utility that
> >looks up IP addresses, puts them in a hosts file, and categorizes them."
> >,1087,9_74021,00.html
> Its for the end user.  The utility basically eliminates the need for the 
> general user to ever have to look up '' again.   Its nothing more 
> than a caching DNS for Win95, etc. 
> I didn't see anything about expiring the cache, though, so one can only 
> wonder about the new wave of tech support calls because sites change 
> ip's/names. 

Precisely my point.  This is going to hose operators who make use of
the technologies I mentioned failry badly.

"The general user" never needs to "look up", anyway.  That's
what DNS is for.  :-}

And, based on what the story said, no I didn't get the impression it
was merely "a caching DNS".  It seemed much more unintelligently
malevolent than that.

-- jra
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