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Re: ARIN Services

  • From: Stephen
  • Date: Sun Apr 26 16:04:20 1998

The more correct solution would be for ARIN to move to a RIPE-ish whois

Then again, why should ARIN use industry standard, public domain
software, when they can use NSI's proprietary system?  Obviously, RIPE,
APNIC, RIPN, MCI-RR, RADB, CA*NET, 6BONE, etc. are all fools for using
that darn free stuff...

Anyone who uses the RADB can attest to how well the IRR databases share
information, both with each other and with daily dumps.  Too bad NSI and
now ARIN don't want to play nice with the other children.

Tip of the day:  You can make a "normal" whois client act more like a
RIPE whois client by putting a -- before the RIPE-specific options.


David R. Conrad wrote:
> Why put it at a another registry?  Why not put it off an exchange?  Or why
> not allow ARIN members to mirror the database?  I'm sure NSI would love to
> sell the software... (:-)).

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