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AU Hacker/Credit Card Distributro gets 3years/18 months

  • From: Adam Todd
  • Date: Fri Mar 27 09:12:19 1998

Australian Computer Hacker and Credit Card distributor gets 18 months.

This is "unoffical" news, I'm waiting for something more concrete, but
certainlthe AU ISP list is reeling in on this matter.  Skeeve Stevens
wasn't the most "liked" person in the Internet Industry and is known for
making very strong and critical comments - often abusive - towards other

Brings me to question the "religious" bit ???

>From: Zed Connect Pty Ltd <[email protected]>
>To: [email protected]
>Date: Fri, 27 Mar 1998 13:28:37 +1100 (EST)
>Mr Skeeve Stevens, the alleged "Optik Surfer", has been gailed for the 
>crime of "altering data", which holds a maximum term of 10 years goal.
>During sentancing this morning, at the Downing Local Court, the Judge
>announced that she had fully considered all the material and evidence
>presented, and taking into account that the crime appeared to have been
>done with malice.
>She disregarded his recent marriage, to Zita Gorman, and his religeous
>beliefs, and the work he is doing with various religeous bodies.
>She also commented that although he had pleaded GUILTY to to crime, this
>was done in the '11th hour', and appeared to show no remorse, and was just
>a tactic to lighten the sentance.
>On final summation she announced that the only punishement that would fit 
>this crime would be 3 years goal, with reconnecance for 18 months.  Which
>means if he is a good boy he will be out in 18 months.
>He was then immediatley taken down by court security.
>Witnesses commented that this outcome was an unexpected blow by the Stevens 
>camp.  Mr Stevens wife had appeared disrought at the decision.

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