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Re: Internic hosage (fwd)

  • From: Dean Anderson
  • Date: Sat Mar 21 16:58:35 1998

>>>Eric Eden, Internic:
>>>In this case we removed the host and notified the contact of the
>>>host because it is not currently serving any domain names or
>>>networks in our database.
[Not because there was anything "false" about it. It is still served up by

>>Dean Robb:
>>Most excellent.  Now, what would you have done if it was that
>>had provided the false information?

I have to question why people intentionally supply false information.
Perhaps to avoid harassment from radical and misguided people?  I have to
presume in this case that Mr. Robb considers himself the sole judge of
appropriateness of the entity.  Given that was perfectly legit,
except for some cruftiness, I don't think we can really trust his judgement
on such matters.

This brings up an issue with whois databases that is relevant to nanog:
Who should have access to whois contact information and its misuse.

Perhaps we need to have a way to authenticate and limit who can get phone
numbers and email addresses from the whois database, in order to prevent
the kind of harassment and abuse apparently exercised by Mr. Robb.


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