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Re: Internic hosage (fwd)

  • From: Dean Robb
  • Date: Fri Mar 20 14:06:03 1998

At 10:54 3/19/98 -0500, Eric Eden wrote:
>Thanks for your feedback.  Network Solutions served over
>35 million WHOIS queries in the month of January 1998.
>The average response time for our WHOIS service is less 
>than 5 seconds per query.

Thank you for the statistics.  Not sure of their applicability, but it's
nice to know just how heavily used this database is. would
think that if it's that heavily hit, maybe there would be some interest in
keeping it accurate, yes?

>Please keep in mind that Network Solutions is not the 
>registry for the .to domain.  We recommend you contact 
>the Tonic registry for information about .TO domain names.
>Their web site is

And it's the Kingdom of Tonga's domain, for which Tonic is merely the

However, the point has been completely missed here, Eric.  The point Dal
was making is that FALSIFIED, LIED, FORGED, STOLE,
MISAPPROPRIATED, and otherwise BS'd about their WhoIs entry: 


   System: ? running ?

      HOST Networks-DNS Administration  HNA-ORG  [email protected]
Fax- 800-697-2437

   Record last updated on 16-Mar-98.
   Database last updated on 20-Mar-98 04:11:54 EDT.

Translated Name:
IP Address:

Internet Gateway Connections (NETBLK-IGC-FL-BLK-1)
        10011 Pines Boulevard - Suite 203
        Pembroke Pines, Florida 33024

        Netname: IGC-FL-BLK-1
        Netblock: -
        Maintainer: IGCN

           Master, Host  (HM511-ARIN)  [email protected]
           305-655-2955 (FAX) 305-652-5090

        Domain System inverse mapping provided by:


        Record last updated on 17-Aug-96.
        Database last updated on 19-Mar-98 16:08:42 EDT.

Traceroute confirms that is hosted by  The
WhoIs-listed IP is, the machine on which Host.Net runs their
webpage, FTP, et al.  Not real likely they'd give that out for a hosted
domain's IP.

So....four days ago, [side issue:  Why does a machine,
"perhaps", have a host entry in WhoIs, but the domain, "" not?]
updated their WhoIs record with a bunch of lies.  THAT is the point, and
the problem.  What is NSI/InterNIC going to do about it, Eric? 

>Eric Eden                     
>Senior Analyst                    Network Solutions, Inc. 
>Phone: 703-925-6710               er[email protected]

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