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Re: IP over SONET considered harmful?

  • From: Kent W. England
  • Date: Fri Mar 20 18:13:25 1998

>(b) talk to your favorite vendor(s), and ask the vendor(s) to put
>    a "knob" that would decrement IP TTL by 1 on egress (rather
>    than copying Tag TTL into IP TTL).


As I recall, the world didn't end when the NSFNET NSSs were installed and
they decremented TTL twice. Weren't they changed to decrement once,
appearing as one instead of two routers?

(For those who don't remember the NSFNET "routers" they consisted of an IBM
RS6000 attached to each of several T1/T3 interfaces, interconnected across a
FDDI with a route server. Nine RS6000s in all. 200 amp service required. :-)

This is no reason to raise a harmful alarm.