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Re: IP over SONET considered harmful?

  • From: Paul E. Erkkila
  • Date: Mon Mar 23 16:06:07 1998

On Fri, Mar 20, 1998 at 02:57:04PM -0800, Kent W. England wrote:
> (For those who don't remember the NSFNET "routers" they consisted of an IBM
> RS6000 attached to each of several T1/T3 interfaces, interconnected across a
> FDDI with a route server. Nine RS6000s in all. 200 amp service required. :-)

	You can borrow a frame of our SP/2 to recreate it if you'd like :).

	Aside from the TTL issue and worrying about interlopers snooping
    a layer 2.5 topology. Was there any thought put into a tool such as
    traceroute to follow an Tag/Mpls path.