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Re: Someones being naughty again...

  • From: Marc Hurst
  • Date: Sat Mar 14 13:13:52 1998

On Sat, 14 Mar 1998 [email protected] wrote:

> No, you should definetly not be able to ping it.  Where are you in
> respect to  If you are not directly connected to and if
> you can ping that IP, then @home is trying to advertise to
> their upstreams and they are accepting those advertisments.  If you are
> on then you will be able to see them.  That is definetly wrong
> though!  I can see if you use 10.x net for un-advertised touch-down nets
> between two routers, but you should definetly not be able to ping them
> from afar.

No, I'm definitely not part of the @home net. I'm coming in off a dial-up 
of an independant ISP in Toronto (UUnet/Sprint feeds I believe...).