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Re: Transparent Caching Solutions - Information Wanted

  • From: Bill Unsworth
  • Date: Wed Feb 04 05:04:47 1998

Interesting discussion - no many comments from ISPs currently using caching
regarding the effectiveness - cache hit rates or bandwidth "saved".

Any strategies for populating caches (in addition to user hits)?


At 12:08 PM 2/3/98 -0800, you wrote:
>> Or, if you are a "Cheap Bastard (tm)", you can take a copy of Squid
>> (, and an OS which can handle transparent proxying
>> (Solaris, Linux, etc), a high performance RAID, and have yourself the
>> equivilent. Squid is a heirarchial web cache/proxy/accelerator available
>> free.
>i love squid.  i use it as a nontransparent proxy and also as the web server
>accelerator for all of the content we publish.  squid is really cool,
>especially squid-novm.
>i worry a bit about the supposed proxy capabilities of these other os's.  we
>don't think of ourselves as idiots here when it comes to kernel programming,
>and so the fact that it's taken a year of wizard level kernel muckraking to
>get a system that can do thousands of simultaneous transparent sessions makes
>me think that it's actually a hard problem.
>we got basic kernel transparency working in an afternoon.  the devil is in
>the details though.
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