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Re: Transparent Caching Solutions - Information Wanted

  • From: Matt Ranney
  • Date: Thu Feb 05 10:10:47 1998

Bill Unsworth <[email protected]> writes:

> Interesting discussion - no many comments from ISPs currently using caching
> regarding the effectiveness - cache hit rates or bandwidth "saved".
> Any strategies for populating caches (in addition to user hits)?

I'm not sure sure that hit rate should be the primary means of
measuring the effectiveness of an HTTP proxy/cache.  As was discussed
the SF NANOG, the penalty for packet loss on connections with higher
RTTs is severe.  So even if a proxy server is fetching a miss on a
path with a lower RTT than the requesting client there's still a win.
Of course, I know of no good way to measure this type of winnage.

I guess I could claim squid's ICMP RTT measurement neighbor selection
routing thing as another big win, but I'm sure it flies in the face of
all that is Decent and True with the Purists out there.
Matt Ranney - [email protected]
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