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Re: multihoming without BGP

  • From: Paul A Vixie
  • Date: Fri Jun 13 13:14:57 1997

> I had to jump in here with a correction and clarification. We are using
> Netscape Enterprise Server 2.0. The 'software virtual server' feature
> doesn't work with any version of Netscape Navigator up to and including
> Communicator Preview 5. The server sees a HTTP 1.0 not HTTP 1.1 request.

Getting a Host: keyword as part of a request is really a protocol violation
if the browser said HTTP/1.0 rather than HTTP/1.1.  But all browsers do this,
except Lynx, and any reasonable web server (Apache and Squid, for examples)
will let you switch web roots based on the Host: keyword, regardless of HTTP
versioning.  It's possible that all you have to do is switch web servers and
your need to burn address space will evaporate immediately.