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Read this...Re: offtopic for NANOG - do not read

  • From: Vince Wolodkin
  • Date: Sat Apr 26 16:45:57 1997

Perry E. Metzger wrote:
> Geoff White writes:
> > > I'd like you to point out the major corporations and public
> > > universities who will do this.  I'd also like you to immediately
> > > return that nice root server that NSI has paid for in part or
> > > whole, if you really believe this.
> > >
> > > Anyone trying to take "COM" and point it somewhere else will find that they
> > > have created a class-action lawsuit with 1,000,000 plaintiffs -- all the
> > > people who you instantly disconnect that have COM domains.
> > >
> > > Anyone trying to STEAL NSI's COM zone (to appropriate it as their own) will
> > > likely find themselves on the wrong end of a monstrous lawsuit, not to
> > > mention potential felony theft charges.
> >
> > NSI does not own the root domain .com .org .net or any other TLD.
> > They were *hired* by the NSF to manage the registration of domain names
> > for these TLDs, and they have done a  deplorable job.
> You are, of course, correct.
> I will point out that NSI's cooperative agreement with the NSF clearly
> states that at the end of the agreement, any and all databases or
> software created under the agreement belong to the government, not to
> NSI.
> Read it for yourself if you don't believe me.

This is interesting Perry.  Both InterNIC and IANA are government
contracted tasks, and yet you somehow attribute godhood to IANA while
relegating NSI to the basement.  What gives here?  Sounds like
favoritism to me.  Why should contractor IANA get to keep its power
while contractor NSI loses its.  What's the law like in Perry's world.

Oh, BTW, don't give me any crap about the lordlike actions of IANA
personnel and the deplorable actions of NSI, blah, blah, blah.  The only
thing NSI has truly done that is awful is their TM dispute policy, and
the IAHC has taken that very thing under its own wing.

So when it comes right down to it, maybe the US government should handle
port assignments also.  Who knows, perhaps a clerk could handle the
admin function of doling out numbers, so we wouldn't have to bother a
research scientist with it.

Vince Wolodkin
Speaking for myself and a lot of other people who are PISSED off at your
ridiculous double-speak.
> Perry
> Speaking for myself, and not in an official capacity
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