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Re: routes to hit 50,000 soon? or filter AS 7007....

  • From: Stephen A Misel
  • Date: Fri Apr 25 17:31:37 1997

At 09:08 PM 4/25/97 +0100, Adrian J Bool wrote:
>On Fri 25 Apr, Alex Rubenstein wrote:
>> out of 47000 routes from Agis, 7327 of them have 7007 in them.
>> I spoke to them and they said that thier router broke..
>> They won't give us an answer, but when I said I was from Net Access, he
>> said "" like he knew me, and they were vague. They also claimed
>> that they had 'turned thier router off', but the routes were still in for
>> almost 25 minutes later. Not only that, it seemed mailcious to me,
>> because the only announced the /24 of our name servers (
>> and not our whole /17. 
>Are your nameservers in the first class C of your CIDR block by any
>chance???  They have been taking CIDR blocks and squirting out 
>Class C equivilents.
>Sadly, many poeple (including me) think, oooh, nice big CDIR block lets
>put all my important boxes in it's first Class C... Seems to be a 
>very bad descision ;-(

Agreed.  I thought the same thing.   Also, oldest servers are usually in
the beginning of the block, since we tend to start from the beginning and
work towards the end (well, perhaps I speak for myself).  The servers
around longest are also probably more likely to have more information on
them and be more useful:  Take webservers, for example.  As time passes,
I've seen more and more activity to our oldest webservers simply because
there are more links on the web, more content (I think it was Einstein who
first figured out time and content are related) and more entries in search

And let's not forget our routers, which are usually .1 in the first /24 :)

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