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Re: New Root Name Servers

  • From: Paul A Vixie
  • Date: Tue Feb 18 13:52:04 1997

This slipped through my procmail filter.  I've fixed the filter, but I also
choose to waste my time answering it.  Note that I have set the reply-to to
the [email protected] list.

> The people on the NANOG list seem to have missed
> much of the action for the past few months. I am not
> sure that can be quickly solved.

The people on the NANOG list have more important things to worry about.

> TRUE Root Name Servers are Root Name Servers
> that do not also do double-duty as TLD Name Servers.
> The AlterNIC, Root 64, Root 128 and other movements
> pioneered the notion of TRUE Root Name Servers. The
> IANA and Network Solutions, Inc. are trying to play
> catch up.

I beg to differ.  Two years before you knew what DNS stood for, I met with
representatives of the IANA and of Network Solutions and described the
problem.  We have worked diligently from then 'til now to bring about some
"."-only name servers, and it has required code changes in BIND to make it
work without sending misshapen responses.

I guess, Jim, that you just aren't in the loop.  (I can't imagine why not.)

I can't go on.  The rest of the message I quoted above is just too bizarre.
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