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RE: New Root Name Servers

  • From: Jim Fleming
  • Date: Mon Feb 17 16:33:31 1997
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On Monday, February 17, 1997 9:51 AM, Todd Graham Lewis[SMTP:[email protected]] wrote:
@ Jim, I really have to ask.
@ Doesn't acknowledging them as TRUE root name servers serve as little more
@ than fodder for The Man's giant propoganda machine?  By referring to them
@ as TRUE nameservers, aren't you just lending those bastards at the IANA et
@ al. more credibility?  After all, a noted net.koo^H^H^Hpersonality such as
@ yourself must be careful which labels he gives institutions on the
@ network.  Others are surely likely to modify their estimation thereof in
@ light of your opinions, are they not?  I know I sure have been.
@ __
@ Todd Graham Lewis          Mindspring Enterprises      [email protected]

The people on the NANOG list seem to have missed
much of the action for the past few months. I am not
sure that can be quickly solved.

TRUE Root Name Servers are Root Name Servers
that do not also do double-duty as TLD Name Servers.
The AlterNIC, Root 64, Root 128 and other movements
pioneered the notion of TRUE Root Name Servers. The
IANA and Network Solutions, Inc. are trying to play
catch up.

The U.S. Government via their NSF/InterNIC has been
actively blocking the development of competing TLD
registries by preventing companies from having entries
in the Root Name Servers they operate. There is now
a process in place to make sure this changes. I am
sure you are going to see a lot of press about it starting
tomorrow. (Today is a government holiday)

As shown here on the NANOG list, people falll in line
behind the U.S. Government and do what they tell
them to do. Some people at the NSF would like people
to think they are not involved. That is clearly not the
case, Dr. George Strawn of the NSF is chair of the
FNC and he was also a member of the IAHC.

For companies that need to clearly show that the
U.S. Government is standing in the way of progress,
it is important to establish that an important group
like NANOG follows the orders of the U.S. Government
via the NSF/InterNIC. That was recently confirmed.
If you like, you can probably do a survey.

There is a little more than one year left on the
InterNIC contracts with AT&T and Network Solutions, Inc.
There is a lot of work to be done. Clearly, the next
steps are to get IN-ADDR.ARPA in order. It is
currently a mess. That would be a good challenge
for NANOG to address.

Jim Fleming
Unir Corporation

[email protected]
[email protected] (EDNS/IPv8)

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