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Re[2]: national stats. on ISP qty/size?

  • From: Patricia Kays
  • Date: Thu Nov 28 13:27:02 1996

     Ditto, Boardwatch is an excellent resource.  I have just received the 
     Quarterly Directory for Fall 1996 and it contains as up-to-the minute 
     info as possible on the National providers.    
     Their subscription department is best reached via the web - calling in 
     is not a productive process.  Good luck.
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Subject: Re: national stats. on ISP qty/size?
Author:  Bill Bradford <[email protected]> at Internet-Mail 
Date:    11/28/96 9:38 AM
On Wed, 27 Nov 1996, Mike Leber wrote:
> Boardwatch ( has created quite a directory. 
> They actually called everybody listed, so their numbers are somewhat
> "real".
> "The List" ( also has quite a comprehensive 
> list.
TheList is very out-of-date, and refuses to update information, even 
when supplied with the correct info.  I'd suggest the Boardwatch list.
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