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Re: Internic address allocation policy

  • From: Michael Dillon
  • Date: Mon Nov 18 23:41:26 1996

On Mon, 18 Nov 1996, George Herbert wrote:

> This should not be happening.  Matthew should not have to fly out
> to Virginia to tell someone at InterNIC face to face what he's been
> saying in email.

I agree. But this is business and businesses are based on personal
relationships with key suppliers and customers. The Internic IP registry
is a key supplier for any large ISP and that means if they have not
developped a relationship with the IP registry people during their early
days, they will run into this sort of problem when they need the IP
registry's help.

> I have heard nothing but horror stories about dealings with the NIC
> in the last month or two, including the domain my day job is at
> being shut down 3 times in one week and not being able to get through
> on the phone or fax literally all day for several days last week.  
> There is something monumentally wrong at InterNIC right now.

I really dislike to mix domain name registry issues with IP allocation
issues. Obviously both are run out of the same company with the same
incompetent management, IMHO. But they are fundamentally different tasks.
We will all be happier when they are handled by two separate

> I don't know if it's just a bad month or if they've finally
> fallen and can't get up, but if this doesn't improve it's going
> to be a horrific winter for all of us.

There is always the various .US registries....

Or you might be willing to sell me ? :-)

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