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Re: Internic address allocation policy

  • From: George Herbert
  • Date: Mon Nov 18 22:50:59 1996

>Sounds like your company is suffering from a serious lack of knowledge
>about IP allocation procedures and policies. The only solution to this is 
>to educate yourself, get your internal procedures and policies in order,
>and integrate your knowledge of IP allocation procedures into your
>planning processes.

I happen to know Matthew and quite a few of his companies procedures.
He's also been an active participant on this list for some years, as well
as a number of other ISP management and cooperation discussion areas.

Describing the scruznet internal knowledge or IP allocation policies as
uneducated is an incorrect statement.  They have consistently been
better about this than any of the Tier-1 or below ISPs whose net
allocation strategy I have been able to observe in practice.

I hesitate to think how truly ignorant bottom level ISPs are being
treated if this is what's happening to rapidly growing, well educated,
active-in-the-community ISPs when they start to hit Tier 1 status.
This should not be happening.  Matthew should not have to fly out
to Virginia to tell someone at InterNIC face to face what he's been
saying in email.

I have heard nothing but horror stories about dealings with the NIC
in the last month or two, including the domain my day job is at
being shut down 3 times in one week and not being able to get through
on the phone or fax literally all day for several days last week.  
There is something monumentally wrong at InterNIC right now.
I don't know if it's just a bad month or if they've finally
fallen and can't get up, but if this doesn't improve it's going
to be a horrific winter for all of us.

-george william herbert
[email protected]

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