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Re: Cisco for dummies?

  • From: Mike Vallee
  • Date: Sat Nov 09 02:03:30 1996

If Tim and Associates could give the ISP community, and the rest of the IP
world a Nutshell Book on IOS/IP, the rest of the protocols could go to the
devil for all I care. 

The fact is, _only_ the IP feature set would have enough of a market to
make such a book worth doing. Maybe IPX, maybe.

For TCP/IP, I would make sure a copy went to each of my customers while they
wait for PcaBell to hook up the local loop. Should give them plenty of time
to get up to speed.


At 08:48 PM 11/8/96 -0600, Paul J. Zawada wrote:
>Actually, to cover everything the various flavors of IOS does, you would
>probably need different nutshell books targeted at different audiences,
>perhaps one for each flavor of IOS.  (Enterprise, IBM, Desktop, ISP...)  I
>don't think too many people on this list would care about the SNA $%#^ that
>Cisco-Blue does.  
>At 05:33 PM 11/8/96 -0500, Deepak Jain wrote:
>>Actually the Nutshell books are great. "Cisco IOS in a Nutshell" I can go 
>>for that. Aren't they the ones that also do *the* Sendmail book?
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