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Re: invisible

  • From: Sean Doran
  • Date: Mon Sep 25 02:01:53 1995

Thank-you Andrew.  That matches my diagnosis.

Kai: computel, our customer, should be able to help you
prepare an entry for the RADB; failing that, please
feel free to turn to [email protected] or [email protected]
for assistance in updating the RADB so that your prefix
is heard by ANS.

See, ANS has an inbound route-filter too... and it's MUCH older than Sprint's.

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| Poking at this futher, Sprint is announcing 204.82.160/22; Digex is
| behind ANS; this route is not in the RADB; and since ANS insists on all
| routes being in the RADB, they are not accepting it, so Digex is not
| seeing it.
| Fix: Either get ANS to not insist on all routes being in the RADB or
| submit an update to the RADB & wait for ANS to regenerate their
| configs.
| Kai: Please don't widly accuse folks before poking into the facts.
| 	[email protected] (Andrew Partan)