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NANOG Meeting Presentation Abstract

Meeting: NANOG44
Date / Time: 2008-10-13 4:30pm - 6:00pm
Room: Heinsbergen
Presenters: Speakers:

Joel Jaeggli, Nokia

Joel Jaeggli works in the Security and Mobile connectivity group within Nokia. His time is divided between the operation of the nokia.net (AS 14277) research network and supporting the strategic planning needed of Nokia\'s security business.<BR> <BR> Projects with former employer the University of Oregon included the Network Startup Resource Center, Oregon Routeviews project (still an active participant), the Beyond BGP Project, and the Oregon Videolab.<BR> <BR> He an active participant in several industry-related groups Including the IETF and NANOG. Joel frequently participates as an instructor or presenter and at regional and international network meetings, on services and security related topics.
Abstract: Wes Hardaker-Lead Developer DNSSEC-Tools package

Demonstration of the tools they have available to help teach people how to sign their zones (among many other things).

Eric Osterweil-UCLA

A DNSSEC monitoring project called SecSpider and how to use it. http://secspider.cs.ucla.edu/

Virendra Rode-moderator outages.org

Topics of interest: Service provider(s) participation in outages notification?

What monitoring tools do you use to monitor your environment? How do they work for your environment? Does it scale for your environment?

What would you like to see out of such a tool (open-source or commercial).
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NANOG44 Abstracts

    Richard Lamb, IANA/ICANN;
  • ISP Security
    Danny McPherson, Arbor Networks; Warren KumariGoogle; .
  • ISP Security
    Danny McPherson, Arbor Networks; Warren KumariGoogle; .
  • Tools
    Joel Jaeggli, Nokia;


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