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NANOG Meeting Presentation Abstract

Stealing the Internet
Meeting: NANOG44
Date / Time: 2008-10-14 11:45am - 12:15pm
Room: Biltmore Bowl
Presenters: Speakers:
Alex Pilosov, Pilsoft.

Anton Kapela, 5Nines Data

Anton Kapela is a co-owner and partner at 5Nines Data, a Datacenter and IT solutions company in Madison, Wisconsin, where he is responsible for the architecture and implementation of network services and datacenter facilities. Prior to 5Nines Anton actively consulted with several network, wireless, and communications industry companies. His most memorable clients have been Redline Communications, Motorola\'s Canopy Wireless division, and a subsidiary of Research In Motion known as \'Slipstream.\' More recently he consulted on Internap Networks\' acquisition and integration of VitalStream - a Content Delivery Network.<BR> <BR> Anton is actively involved in the Internet operations and research community and has been a frequent presenter at numerous Operators Group meetings on a variety of topics.
Abstract: In \"Stealing the Internet\" Kapela and Pilosov will describe a method where an attacker exploits the BGP routing system to facilitate transparent interception of IP packets. The method will be shown to function at a scale previously thought by many as unachievable. The talk highlights a new twist in sub-prefix hijacking that we demonstrated at Defcon 16: using intrinsic BGP logic to both \"attract\" network traffic and simultaneously create a \'feasible path\' towards the target network. This method will be shown to preserve end-to-end reachability while creating a virtual \'wire tap\' at the attackers network.
Files: pdfKapela Presentation(PDF)
youtubeStealing the Internet
Sponsors: None.

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