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NANOG Meeting Presentation Abstract

Research Forum: Achieving Record Speed Trans-Atlantic End-to-end TCP Throughput
Meeting: NANOG28
Date / Time: 2003-06-02 11:20am - 12:00pm
Room: Seasons Ballroom
Presenters: Speakers:
Les Cottrell, Stanford University.
Abstract: In November 2002 and again in February 2003, an international team of scientists from Caltech, SLAC, and LANL in the U.S., CERN in Switzerland, and NIKHEF in Amsterdam broke the Internet2 TCP land speed record (i.e., the product of the bits/s times the distance) not once but twice. They achieved 923Mbits/s with an end-to-end application-to-application single TCP stream from Amsterdam to Sunnyvale (10,619 Tbit-meters/s) over a 1Gbit/s bottleneck, 8.6 Gbits/s between 10 machines in Sunnyvale and 10 machines in Baltimore over a 10 Gbits/s bottleneck, and 2.38 Gbits/s with a single TCP stream from Sunnyvale to Geneva over a 2.5 Gbits/s bottleneck. The records were broken with commercial off-the-shelf components, and demonstrate that TCP can scale from the original 56kbits/s Internet of the 1980s to tomorrow\'s multi Gbits/s rates. The talk will address the questions of: who did it; what exactly was done; how was it done (including descriptions of the testbeds, the challenges, the effects of various solutions, and gotchas); what was special about this; why it is important; and what\'s next?
Files: pdfLes Cottrell Presentation(PDF)
youtubeResearch Forum: Achieving Record Speed Trans-Atlantic End-to-end TCP Throughput
Sponsors: None.

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