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NANOG Meeting Presentation Abstract

How to Host a NANOG Meeting
Meeting: NANOG39
Date / Time: 2007-02-06 4:00pm - 5:30pm
Room: Sheraton Hall B/C
Presenters: Speakers:
Joe Abley, Afilias Canada.
Abstract: The purpose of this BOF is the demystification of NANOG hosting. Commonly thought to be a tremendously expensive and soul-destroying exercise, hosting a NANOG meeting can actually be a relatively affordable and effective way to spend your company\'s marketing budget, to say nothing of the money you can save in travel expenses by having your staff attend a local meeting instead of one far away.

Previous meeting hosts will be available to share their experience, and Merit staff will also be on-hand to provide advice and commentary on requirements and logistics. Anybody who has ever wondered what it would take to host a NANOG meeting is most welcome to attend.
Files: youtubeHow to Host a NANOG Meeting
pdfJoe Abley BOF Presentation(PDF)
Sponsors: None.

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