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NANOG Meeting Presentation Abstract

Pushing the FIB limits, perspectives on pressures confronting modern routers
Meeting: NANOG39
Date / Time: 2007-02-05 4:00pm - 5:30pm
Room: Sheraton Hall B/C
Presenters: Speakers:
Joel Jaeggli, Nokia.
Abstract: I\'m trying to put together a BOF to be held during the NAOG 39 meeting (Feb 4-7), that looks at when current router/switch architectures run out of TCAM or SRAM on the line-cards (depending on flavor) to hold the fib, and potentially what\'s being done about it. Part of the whole global routing scalability problem that\'s been fodder for a couple NANOG meeting now hinges on having the data you need in the fib. Comparatively buying more ram for or scaling your rp is a problem, but not immediately an intractable one by comparison.

I\'m aiming to do this as a BOF rather than as part of the main program in the hope that vendors will be more free to talk specifically about their own products in a way that is not always appreciated in the main meeting, Feedback has been positive on this approach from the Program Committee... I would expect that this topic would have a significant audience with the NANOG crowd. If I\'ve reached the wrong person in your organization can you please help me find someone who might be interested because I think this topic has serious implications for operators and will probably shape purchasing decisions among other things over the coming year.

Currently I\'ve solicited a couple router/switch vendors and a few (two) have already gotten back to me. I intend to also solicit presentations from the operator community, because I know for a fact that people are doing interesting things when confronted with this problem. A large regional ISP that I know in a non-principally-english speaking country is continuing to buy routers with 200k fib entries for example and counting on aggressive filtering and a potentially dramatically incomplete view of the internet to be sufficient.
Files: pdfPushing the FIB limits - Atkinson(PDF)
pdfPushing the FIB limits - de Silva(PDF)
pdfPushing the FIB limits - Hankins(PDF)
pdfPushing the FIB limits - Introduction(PDF)
pdfPushing the FIB limits - Jaeggli(PDF)
pdfPushing the FIB limits - Ryan(PDF)
pdfPushing the FIB limits - Scudder(PDF)
pdfReport on NANOG 39 FIB BOF(PDF)
Sponsors: None.

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