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NANOG Meeting Presentation Abstract

Tutorial: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Optical Networking
Meeting: Road6
Date / Time: 2015-04-21 1:30pm - 2:30pm
Room: Waterfront Ballroom
Presenters: Speakers:

Richard Steenbergen, Turkbergen Telecom

Richard A Steenbergen worked for several ISPs in the late 1990s, served as Chief Scientist at ServerCentral, founded nLayer Communications and stayed as CTO through its acquisition by GTT. He's most recently merged with Turkes Industries and established a growing boutique residential experience brand, "The Turkbergen".
Abstract: Everything you ever wanted to know about optical networking but were afraid to ask. Example topics include: * How fiber works (the basics, fiber types and limitations, etc) * Working with optics (choosing the right type, designing optical networks, etc) * Optical power (understanding dBm, loss, using light meters, etc) * DWDM (how it works, muxes, oadms, amps, etc) * Dispersion (what is it, why do we care, how do we fix it) * Optical Myths (can I hurt myself looking into fiber, can I overload my optic)
Files: pdfEverything You Always Wanted to Know About Optical Networking(PDF)
Sponsors: None.

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    Mark Kosters, ARIN Chief Technology Officer;


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