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NANOG Meeting Presentation Abstract

20 Years of Research Networking in New England
Meeting: Road6
Date / Time: 2015-04-21 1:00pm - 1:30pm
Room: Waterfront Ballroom
Presenters: Speakers:

Leo Donnelly, Harvard University

Leo Donnelly is a Senior IT Consultant with Harvard University Information Technology. Leo has been with Harvard University for 25 years and is currently working on strategic networking and infrastructure projects for the University. These include, dark fiber initiatives, commercial Internet and Internet2 projects, optical networking, and VoIP, IP Video, cellular voice, building systems technologies on the IP network and wireless technologies. Current projects include: • Deploying Telepresence for regional, national, and international high definition video conferencing using the global research & education networks for transport. • Serving as the co-lead for the IT work stream for the MGHPCC. The Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center located in Holyoke, Massachusetts. www.mghpcc.org • Technology Planning for the House Renewal program at Harvard University. A decade plus planning process. • IT Infrastructure Planning for the Allston campus expansion, including the Health and Life Sciences Building.
Abstract: The Northern Crossroads (NOX) is an affiliation of higher education, research, government, and partner organizations that support research, education, and economic development. The NOX is the hub of research networking in New England. Founded in 1998, The Northern Crossroads has its origins in the days of NEARnet and the relationships that we’re built in that endeavor. Those relationships were and continue to be the foundation of the Northern Crossroads efforts and this presentation will discuss how they have enabled other projects from fiber builds to NEREN (the Northeast Research and Education Network) and the MGHPCC ( Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center). From the days of T1’s and DS3’s to the current NOX regional network with 100GB connectivity to national and international Networks. How we continue to evolve and our interactions with other regional, national and international networking groups and networks.
Files: pdf20 Years of Research Networking in New England(PDF)
Sponsors: None.

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