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NANOG Meeting Presentation Abstract

Scaling the Public Edge: Approaches to Application Load Balancing
Meeting: NANOG59
Date / Time: 2013-10-09 9:30am - 10:30am
This item is webcast
Room: Akimel Ballroom 3 & 4
Presenters: Moderators:

Chris Woodfield, Twitter

Chris has been with Twitter since 2011, where he manages the site’s public edge architecture. Prior to Twitter, Chris held positions at Yahoo! and at Internap, where he managed load balancing infrastructure as well as CDN architecture. He has been a NANOG participant since 2006.

Leslie Carr, Wikimedia Foundation

Leslie has been with Wikimedia since 2011. She is in charge of the network from the edge to the core, and builds automation so she can lie on the beach with a good book. Leslie has previously worked at Twitter, Craigslist, and Google.

Mike Thompson, A10 Networks

Mike manages Cloud, Security and Enterprise technologies for A10 Networks. He is part of A10’s Security Response Team and is a developer on A10’s OpenStack initiatives. His career started in 1996 with Bell Atlantic. He has spent most of his career working with networking, application delivery, security and automation technologies. He has worked for F5, Citrix and INS/BT. Mike is crazy for Python, likes Ruby, and has developed in Perl, PHP, C#, C++ and C.

Jamie Dahl, Yahoo!

Jamie has been working with Load Balancing going all the way back to his days at AT&T Webhosting. Currently he works for Yahoo as Manager of Networking and spending a large amount of his time working with various Yahoo properties and their load balancing needs as well as being responsible for capacity management and modeling of the Yahoo LB infrastructure. On top of that Jamie is the product owner of the automation system for Yahoo!'s load balancing environment working to achieve greater efficiencies of his direct's time.

Sridhar Devarapalli, Citrix

Sridhar manages product roadmap and strategy for the NetScaler ADC product line at Citrix. He has several years of experience in the design and architecture of load balancers at Foundry Networks and later on, at Brocade Communications. Sridhar joined Citrix from his most recent stint at Big Switch Networks, where he was instrumental in defining the product strategy of Big Switch's SDN based network virtualization and networking monitoring products. At Citrix, Sridhar contributes to NetScaler's SDN vision and roadmap and is responsible for product strategy for NetScaler's multi-tenant hardware appliances as well as virtual appliances.
Abstract: Nearly every public website and application today scales beyond a single web server, and the techniques for scaling websites and other applications on the public Internet vary far and wide, and often change as sites approach “Internet scale.” In this panel discussion, we will discuss various operators’ and vendors’ approaches and challenges to load balancing large-scale web sites/apps, both at the network and service level, and how increasing growth and new technologies have guided their scaling models and strategies.

Sample panel questions:
How has your site’s load balancing needs changed at various points of scale? What systems or solutions have proven to navigate these changes with adjustments, and what approaches required a complete overhaul?
What systems or solutions have proven to be the most scalable and manageable?
What features are you seeing as missing from current solutions in the market today?
What pros and cons of appliance-based vs. virtualized vs open-source load balancing solutions have you encountered?
What automation challenges have you encountered and what solutions have you adopted?

Technologies in the discussion scope will include:
Layer 7 (proxy-based) vs. Layer 4 (NAT-based) load balancing, “inline” vs. DSR
High Availability methods: Active/Standby, Active/Active, N+1 clustering
Load sharing and failover with multiple VIPs: DNS round-robin, IP route injection, ECMP/anycast approaches
Commercial versus open source solutions
Appliance vs software vs. virtualized solutions
Files: pdfScaling the Public Edge: Approaches to Application Load Balancing(PDF)
youtubeScaling the Public Edge: Approaches to Application Load Balancing
Sponsors: None.

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