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NANOG Meeting Presentation Abstract

LISP-DDT: A New Mapping Database for LISP
Meeting: NANOG55
Date / Time: 2012-06-05 3:45pm - 4:15pm
Room: Bayshore Ballroom A-C
Presenters: Speakers:

Vince Fuller, Cisco

Vince Fuller has been involved with computer networking since shortly before the January 1st, 1983 transition of the ARPANET from NCP to TCP/IP, the event which effectively created the early Internet. He held positions in network operations, engineering, design, and architecture for a number of campus, regional, national, and international ISPs from 1988 through 2001. He began participating in NANOG and the IETF in 1989 and is the co-author of several standards-track RCS, including RFC 4632 (CIDR), which defined the global Internet address assignment strategy. Most recently, he has been employed at Cisco Systems, working on the Locator Identifier Separation Protocol (LISP), a new technology for improving Internet scalability that also enables a number of new services.
Abstract: LISP, which has been presented to NANOG in the past, is an IP protocol that changes the way that IP addresses are used, separating them into topology-independent "Endpoint IDs", intended for use as "PI" space that is not carried in the routing system and topology-dependent "Routing Locators", which are aggregated and routed in much the same was a "PA" space is today. This presentation introduces the LISP Delegated Database Tree (LISP-DDT), used to define and distribute information that LISP routers need to map between EIDs and RLOCs when encapsulating user data for transport across the Internet. LISP-DDT is currently being implemented and tested on a pilot network; the presentation will cover current work as well as future plans for full operational deployment.
Files: pdfLISP-DDT: A New Mapping Database for LISP (PDF)
youtubeLISP-DDT: A New Mapping Database for LISP
Sponsors: None.

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