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NANOG Meeting Presentation Abstract

Track: DNS
Meeting: NANOG55
Date / Time: 2012-06-05 5:00pm - 6:30pm
Room: Bayshore Ballroom A-C
Presenters: Speakers:

Mehmet Akcin, ICANN

Mehmet Akcin has been working at ICANN since 2006. He's been involved various DNS Projects in the company such as Root DNSSEC Signing , L-Root Management, other critical authoritative DNS related services. Mehmet regularly travels to several network operator meetings and hosts DNS or Peering BoFs. He has found TRNOG, Turkish Network operators group and served as Chairman for one term. He has also served in MENOG Program Committee. Prior to ICANN , Mehmet had been involved with ccTLD .PR and both technical and not technical operations. Mehmet is very involved with sports and enjoys officiating soccer games. Mehmet speaks Turkish , English and Spanish

Duane Wessels, Verisign

Following his college education in Physics and Telecommunications, Duane worked on the Squid/IRCache project at UCSD. For many years his company, The Measurement Factory, developed open source testing and measurement tools for HTTP and DNS. Recently he was the Director of the Domain Name System Operations Analysis and Research Center (DNS-OARC). Currently Duane researches DNSSEC deployment for VeriSign.
Abstract: DNS Track is an on going effort. The idea is to bring people who care about DNS in to one room and have them discuss certain on going issues in a trusted environment.

It's a 90minute event. Includes updates/announcements from DNS Software vendors regarding their product line up, security, etc.

Program & Panelists

5 Mins Introductions - Mehmet
15 Mins Steve Crocker - Chair, FCC CSRIC Working Group 5, DNSSEC Implementation Practices for ISPs
10 Mins PCH Update - Robert Martin-Legène
10 Mins Verisign Update - Duane Wessels
10 Mins ICANN Update - Dave Knight
10 Mins Comcast Update - Chris Ganster
10 Mins ISC Update - Peter Losher
10 Mins Nominium - Craig Sprosts
10 Mins Q&A -
Files: pdfCroker(PDF)
pdfMehmet -1(PDF)
pdfMehmet -2(PDF)
pdfVan Nice(PDF)
Sponsors: None.

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NANOG55 Abstracts

    Sam Aldrin, Huawei Technologies;
  • Track: DNS
    Mehmet Akcin, ICANN; Duane Wessels, Verisign;
  • Track: DNS
    Mehmet Akcin, ICANN; Duane Wessels, Verisign;


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