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NANOG Meeting Presentation Abstract

Tutorial: MPLS OAM
Meeting: NANOG55
Date / Time: 2012-06-03 2:00pm - 3:30pm
Room: Cypress
Presenters: Speakers:

Sam Aldrin, Huawei Technologies

Sam K. Aldrin works as Principal Engineer in Network product line division at Huawei Technologies based at Santa Clara, CA. Has more than 18+ years of experience in the area of Networking technologies like IP, MPLS and Datacenter. Oversees new technologies in the IP packet networks, transport networks and scalable datacenter protocol design. Architected MPLS TP within various network products based on IETF standards and instrumental in the definition of Shared Mesh Protection (SMP) standard for MPLS TP. Designed and implemented MPLS OAM technologies for both MPLS/IP and MPLS-TP. An active participant at standard body groups and authored several drafts. Prior to Huawei Technologies, worked at Cisco Systems for more than a decade. Author of IPSLA, an in band performance measurement and diagnostic tool, within the networks. Hold multiple patents in network management and data network protocols.
Abstract: MPLS networks started off to support protocol technologies like ATM, FrameRelay, etc., to be transported over IP core networks in a seamless fashion. This also facilitated in providing various services like VPN, PWE3 etc. In the recent past MPLS protocol evolved as a replacement for traditional TDM transport networks by the way of MPLS-TP. Though the technology is mature at data plane and control plane, the OAM within the protocol could not keep the pace with the rapid developments. This presentation provides detailed OAM techniques to be used within each area of MPLS networks and what tools to be used and some of the benefits which could be realized in managing the service provider networks.
Files: pdfMPLS OAM(PDF)
youtubeMPLS OAM
Sponsors: None.

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