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NANOG Meeting Presentation Abstract

Smart Management for Robust Carrier Network Health and Reduced TCO!
Meeting: NANOG54
Date / Time: 2012-02-07 9:45am - 11:00am
Room: California Ballroom
Presenters: Moderators:

Dr. Vishal Sharma, Metanoia, Inc.

Vishal Sharma (SM IEEE, Fellow IETE) is a seasoned international technologist, telecom industry expert, & entrepreneur with global exposure, and 20-years of experience spanning consulting, industry, academia, labs. & research. At Metanoia, Inc., he has provided deep-dive expertise in strategy and telecom network- and systems-design to clients on 4 continents – N. America, Europe, Asia, Australia. He and his team have helped players across the full telecom ecosystem (spanning chip/semi-conductor companies, system vendors, operators/carriers, technology houses, and telecom software and tool companies) solve complex problems, by providing services in technology strategy, architecture & design trade-offs, product development, hardware/software architecture, & competence building. Presently, he is leading an industry initiative on how to lower carriers' total cost of ownership (TCO) through better assessment and optimization of a carrier's business models, operations, networks, and technology. More details are at http://www.linkedin.com/in/vishalsharma.

Robert Bender, CTS Telecom

Robert Bender is Network Operations Manager at CTS Telecom, a 100-year old independent service provider in SW Michigan. In 14 years at CTS Telecom, Robert has spearheaded the development of ISP operations, softswitch deployment, and currently is the lead optical and IP networking architect. His vision continues to move CTS Telecom forward, from legacy SONET and TDM systems to Carrier Ethernet and FTTP services.

Jay Moran, AOL Technology Operations

Jay Moran is the Distinguished Engineer for the AOL Technology Operations organization. AOL Tech Ops ensures 24x7xForever availability for AOL's hundreds of millions visitors to premium content sites such as HuffingtonPost, Engadget, MapQuest, Winamp/Shoutcast, and their advertising networks. Jay’s technology responsibility spans the end-to-end infrastructure from the data center facilities up through application operations. Prior, he was the Sr. Tech Director of all AOL networks from the dark fiber to the US/EU backbone - ATDN (AS1668). Jay and his teams brought the first large scale data center network redesign in a decade to AOL, IPv6 across ATDN and several key websites, and convergence to a single router platform across multiple networks. Prior to joining AOL in 1999 Jay has held various positions at Williams Communications, Perot Systems, Tenet Healthcare, and Eastern Data since 1988.

Shawn Morris, NTT America

As manager of IP development for NTT America, Shawn coordinates the Global IP Network Development testing staff and facilities, which are responsible for qualifying both hardware & software for the NTT Com Global IP Network. He also oversees the development team responsible for the GIN configuration tools. Shawn has thirteen years of experience in the IP networking industry and previously served as a member of the IP engineering staff at Verio, which was acquired by NTT Communications in August of 2000.

Bruce Katzel, Amartus

Bruce is the most recent addition to the Amartus senior executive team and assumes responsibility for business development and product direction in North America. He is a career business and product development professional with 20+ years’ experience in senior roles at leading technology companies. He has been instrumental in success of a number of start-up OSS / BSS companies including Intelliden (acquired by IBM), Ineo, Granite Systems (acquired by Telcordia), Cross Keys (acquired by Oracle), CCMI & ACE*COMM (now Ventraq), he has a deep understanding of the Large Enterprise and Service Provider market place.

Colby Barth, Juniper Networks

Colby Barth is a Distinguished Engineer at Juniper Networks, working in the Platforms Systems Division, CTO Group. Contact him at [email protected]
Abstract: With TCO reduction being a goal, managment of the network is more important today than ever before. This is because with convergence, comes less equipment on the one hand, but more functionality per device/system on the other – as a result, management of such systems and networks assumes greater importance, a single malfunction can impact multiple layers of operation (since packet, Ethernet and transport may all be resident in the same device now), wreaking havoc on an operator's network and services.

Indeed, today’s large, dynamic, and complex IP networks must be reliable & secure, provide QoS for diverse applications, and need to comply with regulations (such as FISMA, HIPPA, and PCI DSS ). Thus, the cost to an operator (large or small) of not having a proper management framework in place can be substantial. Configuration and security loopholes and lack of a consolidated view of the network infrastructure can be very expensive! (Unnecessarily high opex, poor network and application/service performance, customer dissatisfaction and churn, and potential loss of revenue, are just a few of these expenses.)

With the average cable, wireless, or global telco having between 2000-9000 lines of configuration code per device, and with over 4-5 critical errors per IP network device, the cost per network downtime incident can be as high as three-quarters of a million dollars!

With a proper network management framework in place, the labor-cost (opex) saving and risk reduction becomes significant, even for operators with as few as 100 devices in the network, and could be in the millions of dollars for operators with 1000+ IP network devices.

Thus, the purpose of this Panel is to explore, discuss, and debate a set of issues that focus on better management of the network to both operate a healthy network and reduce the operator’s cost of ownership.

In particular, of the 3 key areas of network management -- network configuration/audit, network monitoring/measurement, and network tuning, we will focus, in this panel, on network configuration/audit and it's critical role in lowering operators' TCO.
Files: pdfBarth(PDF)
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youtubeSmart Management for Robust Carrier Network Health and Reduced TCO!
Sponsors: None.

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