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NANOG Meeting Presentation Abstract

Tutorial: Crafting Confederations
Meeting: NANOG19
Date / Time: 2000-06-11 7:30pm - 9:00pm
Room: Pavilion I-III
Presenters: Speakers:
Dan Golding, NetRail.
Miguel Dimayuga, Earthlink.
Abstract: The purpose of this tutorial is to present a framework for the construction of a BGP architecture for mid- to large-sized ISPs utilizing BGP confederations. The primary building block for this approach is the concept of the \"POP as Confederation\". While concentrating on theory, this session will also highlight the real world implementation of this approach on Cisco routers at Mindsping, and on Juniper routers at NetRail. Elements include:

  • Meaningful MEDs for customers, as well as basic, non-MPLS traffic engineering.

  • A well thought-out community structure to optimize route filtering and propagation.

  • Special areas of interest include supporting wholesale dialup and broadband providers (OPN) and allowing customers the maximum possible control of their routing.

With the rise of a new generation of service providers, many of which are based on broadband technologies, there is an opportunity to take a new look at service provider design. This session is designed to address the concerns of such emerging providers as they outgrow their current architectures and look for new approaches.
Files: youtubeCrafting Confederations
pptDan Golding Presentation(PPT)
Sponsors: None.

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