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NANOG Meeting Presentation Abstract

Operational Experience with IPv6 Migration
Meeting: NANOG22
Date / Time: 2001-05-22 11:20am - 11:40am
Room: Forum Hall
Presenters: Speakers:
Bill Manning, ISI.
Akira Kato, ISI.
Abstract: The presenters are augmenting exchange facilities for IPv6, and will discuss:

  • Why many facilites have constructed parallel fabrics instead of overlays

  • How human factors considerations and operational use have illuminated the need for better tooling as a way to lower the \"bar\" for operations. Kato-san will also discuss the NSPIXP6, an experimental IPv6 exchange in Tokyo. Included will be a brief history and information about design decisions, layer-2 extentions, and current status.

Please see the address below for Bill Manning\'s Presentation:


Please see the address below for Kato\'s presenation:

Files: youtubeOperational Experience with IPv6 Migration
Sponsors: None.

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  • SNMP Update
    Jeff Case, SNMP Research International;


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