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NANOG Meeting Presentation Abstract

Tutorial: SNMP Update
Meeting: NANOG22
Date / Time: 2001-05-21 3:30pm - 5:00pm
Room: Bouchon Room
Presenters: Speakers:

Jeff Case, SNMP Research International

Dr. Jeffrey Case is Founder and Chief Technical Officer at SNMP Research, Inc. He leads the development of network system and application management products based on the Simple Network Management Protocol, related standards, and Web technologies. In the 20th anniversary issue of Data Communications magazine, Case was named as one of the twenty most influential people in networking. He is the author or co-author of many standards for Internet management, including SNMP version 1, SNMP version 2, SNMP version 3, and related specifications. Case has a Ph.D. in computer science from the University of Illinois.
Abstract: This tutorial provides an update on recent and contemplated improvements to the Internet Standard Management Framework based on the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) and the Management Information Base (MIB).

Attendees should have at least an introductory-level knowledge of SNMP and MIBs. Topics include:

  1. Differences between SNMPv1, SNMPv2c, and SNMPv3

    • Advantages of SNMPv3 over SNMPv1 and SNMPv2c

    • Disadvantages of SNMPv3

  2. Recent and Ongoing IETF Work Items
  3. SNMP-based Configuration Management

    • Policy MIB Module

  4. EOS Working Group: Evolution of SNMP
  5. SMIng Working Group: Evolution of the Structure of
  6. Management Info
    Distributed Management Working Group (DISMAN)

  7. MIB definitions

  8. A brief look at the relationship between SNMP/MIBs vis-a-vis

    • DMI/MIFs

    • CIM/MOFs

    • COPS/PIBs

SNMP fans are also invited to attend the IETF Operations/Network Management area open meeting, which begins at the DoubleTree on Tuesday evening, May 22.
Files: pptJeff Case Presentation(PPT)
youtubeSNMP Update
Sponsors: None.

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  • SNMP Update
    Jeff Case, SNMP Research International;


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