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RE: an over-the-top data center

  • From: Tomas L. Byrnes
  • Date: Sun Nov 30 22:25:09 2008

>Fault free datacenters include neither people, nor computers, nor
>connectivity, nor HVAC,  nor electricity.  If you can eliminate those
>things you will have a 100% uptime datacenter.

Is this the network equivalent of Yin and Yang, or Darkness and Light
being the same?

Perhaps it is like an old joke:

"How many Microsoft programmers does it take to change a lightbulb?"
"None, they just make darkness the new standard."

I guess, if uptime is a measure of your promised availability, then if
you promise total unavailability, your uptime is 100% if no-one can
reach you during the measured period.

Not terribly useful, however, and likely to get breached, when those
with means want to find out what you're hiding.